Custom Modular Sustainable Building Solutions

Cairns and Sunshine Coast builders, Gateway Constructions offer an exciting wide range of revolutionary modular homes and building options that are fully customisable to suit your purpose, location, climate and budget.

We appreciate that building a new home is often a long and difficult process, therefore it is our vision that our clients save time, save money and stress less.

You can save time as our unique construction methods allow us to complete the majority of work undercover inside one of our factories meaning you experience no delays due to bad weather. Our onsite install time is also minimal, so you can move into your brand new home much sooner than with a traditional builder.

You can save money as our fast construction time means you won't be wasting thousands of dollars on rent and interest while you're waiting for your house to be completed. We can accommodate difficult and sloping blocks with great ease, minimising the need for expensive site treatments. You also save on your electricity bills! Our patented breathable wall system is the pinnacle of sustainable tropical design and dramatically reduces the need for air conditioning. In addition to this system, we make use of other tropical design principles in the design of your house to take the best possible advantage of your block's natural resources, meaning less out of pocket expenses for you in maintaining a comfortable home. Sounds too good to be true? Check out our testimonials and our awards pages.

You can stress less as we have the capability to do all design, costing and construction in house, meaning you don't have to spend money dealing with multiple consultants. We work with you to design the house of your dreams.

We have offices and factories in Cairns and on the Sunshine Coast and can deliver and install almost anywhere in Australia. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

You want ...

  • Your home built fast.
  • A durable and cyclone rated home
  • An architect designed home with the ability to customise
  • A unique house on a difficult or sloping block
  • An environmentally friendly, energy efficient, sustainable home
  • To attain maximum comfort with little need for expensive air-conditioning

We can do that for you, and more.

Our clients say...

I felt that we were a team working together to achieve a result.

-A. Huthwaite

I am absolutely satisfied with the result. Thank you Gateway Homes!

-Rod Blair

..the end result being an impressive dwelling with a commanding presence in the suburb.

-Dr. Max Fargher B.V.Sc


All of our houses are environmentally sustainable and eco friendly. We have achived up to a 9 Star energy rating, so you will feel the difference in comfort and energy savings.

  • Patented “Breathing Walls” system
  • Efficient fixtures and fittings
  • High air quality

Latest Awards

Australian Spec Home of the Year 2012 Finalist - HIA

Australian Sustainable House of the Year 2010 Finalist - HIA Greensmart

Australian Resource Efficiency Award 2008 Winner - HIA Greensmart

Australian Project Home of the Year 2008 Winner - HIA

Australian Project Home of the Year 2002 Finalist - HIA

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